The History of Fritzbox 7490

I’ve always been fascinated by the evolution of technology, especially when it comes to gadgets that have shaped our lives.

One such device that stands out is the fritzbox 7490. This router, developed and released with groundbreaking features and innovations, has had a significant impact on the market since its launch.

In this article, I’ll take you through the history of fritzbox 7490, exploring its development, key features, market adoption, and how it continues to influence modern networking solutions.

Development and Release of Fritzbox 7490

You’re probably wondering when the Fritzbox 7490 was developed and released. Well, let me take you through its development timeline and technological advancements.

The Fritzbox 7490 was developed by AVM, a German company specializing in communication technology. It was first released in August 2013, marking a significant milestone in home networking.

This router was designed to provide users with faster internet speeds and improved connectivity options. With its advanced features like dual-band WiFi, integrated DECT telephone system, and support for VDSL and ADSL connections, the Fritzbox 7490 became a popular choice among tech-savvy individuals who desired control over their network settings.

Its development also witnessed advancements in security protocols like WPA2 encryption to ensure data protection.

Overall, the Fritzbox 7490 revolutionized home networking with its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface.

Key Features and Innovations of Fritzbox 7490

With its key features and innovations, the Fritzbox 7490 offers you an enhanced internet experience. This advanced router is designed to give you full control over your network and provide seamless connectivity. One of its standout features is the dual-band Wi-Fi, which allows for faster speeds and better coverage throughout your home or office. The Fritzbox 7490 also supports VDSL and ADSL connections, ensuring compatibility with various internet service providers. Additionally, it comes with integrated DECT technology, allowing you to connect cordless phones and smart home devices directly to the router. To help manage your network efficiently, this device has a user-friendly interface and powerful parental controls that enable you to restrict access for certain devices or users. Furthermore, the Fritzbox 7490 supports guest networks, VPN connections, and IPv6 for future-proofing your internet setup.

Key Features Innovations Compatibility
Dual-band Wi-Fi Integrated DECT VDSL/ADSL
Powerful Parental Controls User-friendly Interface Guest Networks
VPN Connections IPv6 Support

This table highlights some of the key features and innovations that make the Fritzbox 7490 an excellent choice for those seeking control over their internet experience.

Market Impact and Adoption of Fritzbox 7490

When it comes to market impact and adoption, the Fritzbox 7490 has become a popular choice among users seeking advanced features and seamless connectivity. Its impressive range of functionalities and positive customer reviews have contributed to its widespread acceptance in the market.

With its high-speed internet connection capabilities, dual-band Wi-Fi, and integrated DECT base station for cordless phones, the Fritzbox 7490 offers users unparalleled convenience and control over their network. The device also boasts advanced security features such as firewall protection and parental controls, ensuring a safe browsing experience for all users.

Additionally, the Fritzbox 7490 supports various telephony options, including VoIP and analog phone lines. All these factors combined have made the Fritzbox 7490 one of the top choices in the market today.

Evolution and Upgrades of Fritzbox 7490

The Fritzbox 7490 has undergone various upgrades and evolved over time, offering users even more advanced features and improved connectivity. Since its initial release in 2013, the Fritzbox 7490 has seen several significant updates that have enhanced its performance and functionality. Let’s take a look at the evolution timeline of this impressive router:

Year Upgrade
2013 Dual-band Wi-Fi
2014 VDSL Vectoring support
2016 MU-MIMO technology

These upgrades have brought notable improvements to the Fritzbox 7490’s performance. The introduction of dual-band Wi-Fi in 2013 allowed for faster speeds and better coverage, while VDSL Vectoring support in 2014 optimized the router for high-speed internet connections. In 2016, the addition of MU-MIMO technology enabled simultaneous data transfer to multiple devices, resulting in a smoother online experience.

With each upgrade, the Fritzbox 7490 continues to provide users with cutting-edge features and enhanced performance, making it an excellent choice for those seeking control over their network connectivity.

Legacy and Influence of Fritzbox 7490

One can see the legacy and influence of the Fritzbox 7490 in the advancement of network connectivity. This router has revolutionized networking with its cutting-edge technological advancements. The competitive landscape in the router market was forever changed by the introduction of the Fritzbox 7490.

With its high-speed internet connection, dual-band Wi-Fi, and advanced security features, the Fritzbox 7490 set a new standard for routers. It offered faster data transfer rates and improved coverage, making it ideal for both home and business use.

Moreover, this router introduced innovative features like integrated DECT telephony and support for smart home automation. These additions further enhanced convenience and control over network devices.

The success of the Fritzbox 7490 paved the way for future developments in networking technology. It pushed other companies to improve their products to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.


In conclusion, the Fritzbox 7490 has had a remarkable impact on the market since its development and release.

With its key features and innovations, such as high-speed internet connectivity and advanced security protocols, it quickly became a popular choice for households and businesses alike.

Over time, the Fritzbox 7490 continued to evolve with upgrades and improvements, ensuring its relevance in an ever-changing technological landscape.

Its legacy is evident in the continued influence it has had on subsequent models of Fritzbox routers.

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